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It was breakfast time and the whole Akatsuki crew were eating at the table apart from, where was (f/n) Sasori wondered. He then heard footsteps coming from the staircase and saw (f/n) in one of his small shirts and her underwear, Sasori was not pleased. Everybody could see her amazingly shaped behind, which he only wanted to see himself. Of course everyone looked at him as if he'd fucked her in the middle of the night as she came down with his top on, half naked and flushed. He put his head down in rage as everybody looked at her behind as she walked up to get some cereal, to her, dressing like this was normal, due to the fact that she lived alone. Sasori mumbled to himself and threw his bowl on the side and walked upstairs in a huff. “I wonder what his problem is.” Deidera giggled. (f/n) looked a little concerned, she didn't particularly like him, but he had brought no harm to her up to this point so she thought the least she could do was speak to him.

“Sasori?” (f/n) asked calmly. “What do you want?” grumbled Sasori. “Well, you s-seem a little ups-set, th-that's all...” Sasori quickly glared (f/n) down with evil eyes. “It's nothing to do with you, just leave me be...” “As you wish Sasori-sama.” And she stepped out of the room. Sasori's eyes grew wide, she was being so obedient, “She just called me Sasori-sama!” Sasori blushed hard again, he clutched his chest, “What is this pain I am feeling?” “SASORI?!” Deidera shouted. Sasori shook himself back to reality, “What brat?!” Deidera sighed, “You have a mission, with your lady friend, apparently some of the leaf ninja will be at a hotel on the outskirts of the hidden leaf, so you need to disguise yourselves and act as a couple and spy on them.” Sasori blushed, “Yeah, whatever brat.” and walked off to find (f/n).  “Hey, (f/n)!” (f/n) quickly turned around, “Yes Sasori-sama?” Sasori blushed lightly, “Look, we have a mission, we have to act as a couple in disguise, some of the leaf ninja will be there and we need to spy on them.” Sasori knew that would upset her as she'd be spying on her own villagers. (f/n) looked to the ground and replied, “Ok Sasori-sama.” with a fake smile on her face. 'Oh no, what have I agreed to?!' (f/n) thought to herself, 'Well maybe if i'm in disguise nobody will recognise who I am.' She said in her head with a sigh of relief. Sasori had already brought her some new clothes at this point so she was fine with being in disguise. Sasori then reached his arm out to her and said in such a sweet voice, “Are you ready m'lady?” and snook in a sneaky wink. She blushed and said, “Agh, yes Sasori-sama!”

Sasori and (f/n) had arrived at the destination. Sasori fell onto the bed as he was exhausted from the walk, he then looked at (f/n) looking around for something to sit on. “Hey, (f/n)!” He shouted, “Come and lie next to your master!” She froze but replied immediatley, “Yes Sasori-sama.” Sasori blushed again, realizing the fact that whenever she used the words, 'Sasori-sama' it got him somewhat, aroused.

(f/n) lay right next to Sasori, he had never felt so awkward in his entire life, he never dreamed of having such a beautiful thing lie right next to him, knowing that she was obedient enough to do what ever he wanted her to. “He was turned on thinking about it and had to turn on the side away from her, though he groaned a little not being able to shift the thoughts off his mind.

“Sasori?” (f/n) asked. “What (f/n)? Can't you sleep?” “Erm, no, i'm abit cold though..” Sasori's heart skipped, “Then why don't you put on some more clothes?”He replied. “Well i'm abit scared too Sasori-sama..” That word hit Sasori again, this beautiful girl being so obedient to her master. “Then come here (f/n), I will keep you safe and warm.” (f/n) pushed her chest onto his chest, which made him groan a little, she then wrapped her leg around his which made him freeze. “You don't mind this, do you Sasori-sama?” The cute obedient girl asked her master, “No, not at all.” he smirked, “I love how you call me Sasori-sama (f/n).” (f/n) blushed and pushed herself harder into Sasori's chest which meant feeling more of her's, “(f/n), not to be rude or spoil such a great moment, but your chest seems to be pushing quite hard against mine..” (f/n) shot up, “Agh, i'm sorry Sasori-sama!” Sasori smirked, “I wasn't complaining, you could do the dirtiest thing to me and I wouldn't mind.” He licked her neck softly, “Sasori-sama! What are you doing?!” Sasori raised and eyebrow at the girls shocked face, grabbed her neck and pushed her to the wall, “Do you dare question your master?!” He growled, “Isn't there a reason you end my name with sama (f/n)?” (f/n) looked at Sasori with fear in her eyes, the main reason she used that word was because she didn't want to die, though she couldn't deny the fact that she kind of liked having to be so obedient to such a dirty minded master.
Part four of my Sasori x Reader! ;)
I do not own Deidera, Sasori, or anything from Naruto.However, I do own the plot and the character you imagine when you read it. c: ^_^ <3 xXxXx <3
Part 1:…
Part 2:…
part 3:…
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ChocoInu Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2015  Student General Artist
is there a chapter 5 ? if so can i have a link to it ? i can't seem to find it ! :)
heroinemeh Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Loving the story, is there a part 5?
xXShinobi11Xx Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2015  Student General Artist
Yus hun :) 
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awww thanks sweety :3
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Sasori sasma you are so mean 
bad sama bad
hahaha imagin someone saying that to sasori lol
please please more :)
xXShinobi11Xx Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013  Student General Artist
there is another section on my profile! :3 glad you like! :D
Ayumi-Haruka Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013  Student Artist
please stop being a dirty minded master sasori-sama your kind of a bit really scary me as well..... -.- and pardon me for my rudeness 

xXShinobi11Xx Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013  Student General Artist
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Neko Emoji-25 (Cool) [V2] 
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