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August 5, 2013
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If you got Tobi.....

“LET'S PLAY SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN!” Tobi shouted excitedley. Everybody gave a sigh, but thought it would be fun to chill out and have a bit of fun for a change. Tobi told you to put your hand into a small black bucket and pick out a name. So you put your hand in and picked the first piece of paper that entered it. “I got you Tobi...” You said, wondering how everything would turn out, you knew how innocently childish he was. Tobi screamed, “YAY! Let's go and play (f/n)!” And with that he dragged you into the closet.

You were both sitting opposite of eachother. “Tobi? Do you know how to play this game?” Tobi nodded his head, “I have an idea!” He slid up next to you and pecked you on the cheek. You just stared in shock and lightly blushed. “Do you want to go further Tobi?” You said with a hint of seduction in your voice. Tobi looked a little bewildered. You smirked and said, “I'll take that as a yes then shall I?” and sat in the position where your womanhood was sitting directly ontop of his manhood, letting him feel all of your warm, sticky fluids.

You started to grind against him, making him breath heavily, “(f/n)!” He stuttered. “Can you feel how wet i'm getting Tobi?” Tobi answered, “Y-yes I can! If Tobi's a good boy will (f/n) do more?” You smirked at him, “Oh I don't know Tobi, what will you do for me?” Tobi stopped his panting, it went completely silent which intimidated you a little and he threw you on the floor, in the position of him being on top of you. “No more games (f/n)!” A deep voice demanded at you which made you quite scared as you'd never seen this side of Tobi before. He threw his mask off along with his cloak and begun to unzip his trousers. “N-no Tobi stop!” Tobi looked at you, with lust in his eyes, this made you so turned on, you'd never of thought Tobi was this attractive!

Tobi pulled out his manhood and said, “I will pound you into the ground if it means cumming inside of you!” You squirmed which began to annoy him from what it seemed so he pinned your hips down and thrusted into you. “T-Tobi! Agh!”

Tobi grabbed your waist and pinned you against the wall, pounding into you so hard and fast. “T-Tobi! Harder!” You screamed, so he pressed his body against your's to keep you still and pounded you as hard as he could. He was hitting your g-spot each time he thrusted in which made you moan loader each time he pushed himself in. He was exploring your body with his right hand as the left kept you supported against the wall. He seemed to get annoyed at the position and dropped you to the floor. “I'm going to fuck you so hard so get ready!” You felt yourself burning up, he was so hot and you couldn't take it and threw yourself ontop of him and started bouncing up and down on his man hood so quickly, that he couldn't help but thrust his hips into yours. “(f/n)! I'm gonna..!” Tobi screamed, “I am too!” And with that you both exploded into pleasure.

You fell off of Tobi exhausted. “Not a word of this to anybody!” Tobi said putting his cloak and mask back on. “N-no! I promise!” You said not believing what just happened. You both then walked out of the closet making everyone wonder, 'Did anything happen?'
If you got Tobi! ;) There will be one of each akatsuki character so don't worry! ;3

I do not own anything from Naruto! xD However, i do own the plot and the person you're thinking yourself as! ;D <3 <3 ENJOY! :3 <3 <3
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I do so commissions if you'd like one :)
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Yhhh just check my profile for details! Tell me how long you want and what things you want me to incorporate into the story! :)
TaliTheStrange Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
i feel so.. naughty reading this hehe^^ I love tobi thanks for this story^^ 
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