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“Come now dear... It wasn't that bad!”

You were keeled over, gagging... The motion of the portal was extremely nauseating! Like repeating a looped rollercoaster over and over again!  

“Yeah... Okay... I'm okay...”

You pulled yourself together taking a deep breathe.  

The place you were in was different... There was no Twilight and Hyrule castle looked like it had a re-vamp!

“What happened to the castle!”

“My dear, this is the future for us both.”

You were gobsmacked, but with the whole portal thing, that kind of made sense!

“Where is everybody? Shouldn't there be people trying to stop evil like you?”

“Now that's not a very nice thing to say! There would be consequences for such attitude, but I am under strict command to protect you!”  

“Why am I so special?”

“As I have said, everything will be explained once we get to our destination!”

Everything was quiet for a little while until you got to the entrance of Hyrule castle. There was a man in an overly large, black cloak with a mask standing at the entrance.  


Ghirahim spoke up.  

“You have the girl I see... Come.”  

This man had a deep voice... He was obviously an associate of this Ghirahim guy.  

“Who is that?!”

Zant stopped walking and turned.  

“Have you not taught this one manners?”

“I don't know if you remember, but our Master gave us strict order to protect her, not hurt her!”

Zant said nothing, but just stood above you, towering over you a good one to two feet!  

“Learn some respect you insolent whelp!”  

You didn't take kindly to insults, but you thought this time was a good time to keep quiet. As he stood there, you sword and shield hovered above you and vanished into thin air.  

“You won't be needing them.”

Zant turned on his heel and proceeded to the task at hand, which was taking you to their master.  

Ghirahim spoke up.  

“He is right, you can't speak to the Master that way.”  

“He can't be THAT scary!..”  

Zant opened two huge doors and there was a muscular man leaning on his fist with striking long red hair with a beard to match, dressed in extremely heavy duty armour.  

“You have done well, both of you.”  

Your two escorts bowed beside you.  

“Bring her to me.”  

You immediatley regretted your words, hoping he did not hear them.  

Hesitantly, you began walking along with the two beside you.  

“I am Ganondorf... Darklord and soon to be ruler of these lands, including the land you were brought from.”

Anger immediatley swelled in your gut letting loose the words that should have stayed in your mouth!  

“So you were the one that cascaded that hideous darkness over my village?!”

Ganondorf's expression did not change, but you could tell Zant and Ghirahim were a little on edge at this point.  

“A sharp tongue this one has, maybe I should teach you some manners.”

He stood up and you instinctually began to back away, but you were grabbed by the two men either side of you as the evil darklord got in your face... He towered over you by a good two feet!  

“Now listen and listen well __...”

“How do you know my name?!”  

He placed a finger on your lips and the two men either side of you tensed as if they were threatened.  

“ I am the one speaking. You will serve me. No 'if's', no 'but's'... Speak out of line again and there will be consequences.”  

He backed away and the other two let go of you as he swatted his hand at them.  

“I was the one that placed the darkness over the whole of Hyrule in your dimension. Though you were not affected by the Twilight it seems...”

“I don't understand... Why didn't it affect me?”  

Zant spoke up.  

“It seems as if you have part Twili in you...”  

Ganondorf replied.

“That would not be unheard of... There have been certain occassions where a light and twilight dweller have mated, henceforth, we have a girl like this...”  

“Erm... Should I be worried?.. I mean, I'm not gonna be forced to do something I'm uncomfortable with am I?..”

You blushed as you asked this.  

Ghirahim snickered, Zant's body stiffened and Ganondorf looked offended.  

“... I do assure you I am not that type of man... That is not the reason you are here.”  


Ghirahim couldn't hold in his laughter and the dark lord had obviously had just about enough of it!  


Ghirahim straightened himself up, silencing his laughter.  

“Zant, take __ to her room... She must be tired from her journey... I am sure a good nights rest will help her.”  

Zant took off his helmet, revealing golden eyes and a slit mouth.

“Of course sire.” He said as he bowed.  

Zant was quiet.. You had been walking forever in this godforsaken castle and you swore you'd fall asleep before you got to your so called, 'room'.  

“We're here.”  

“Oh wow... I thought you were taking me around in circles for a minute there!..”  

Sarcasm dripped from your tongue.  

Zant swiftly pushed you up against the wall, obvious anger in his eyes.  

“You may have part Twili in you, but you will never be one of my kind!”  

“Who says?!”

“Me! Considering I am king of the Twilight realm! I'm not sure where a half breed such as yourself was created!”  

You said nothing... What he said was kind of hurtful, first you found out you weren't fully human, and now you hear this? It was all too much.  

“It's not my fault! Don't insult me like that! Do you really think I want to be part of something like you?! The fact that we come from the same timeline turns my stomach!”  

Zants grip grew tighter and you could feel your shoulders crackling under his harsh grip.  

“What did I say about respect? Do you even have a brain?!”  

His voice was becoming a little high pitched and it was quite hard to bare.  

“I only have respect for those that deserve it!..”  

Zant grabbed your arm and threw you into your room.  

“Oho, if I wasn't under strict order to protect you, your face would be wiped from this planet!”  

Zant then slammed the door in your face. You walked to your king sized bed... Pretty luxurious for a prisoner, if that's what you were anyway...
Darkness enveloped the whole of Hyrule. There was something very off abit the new contrast of lighting, something evil.

You were an ordinary girl in the village of Ordon, you worked everyday in the small shop that sold all of the necessities, but you wanted more from  your life, more than the same thing every single day!

Though it was the time that the darkness covered the village of Ordon, was the time that you realised you weren't just and ordinary girl...  

“Hello? Anyone? Where have you all gone?!”  

All you saw were little green flames... You could hear whispering all around you which made you think that maybe these little green flames were the spirits of the people of Ordon... This must have had something to do with the darkness!..  

For the first time in your whole life, you decided to leave Ordon village... You equipped yourself with a wooden sword and shield, along with some water and bread, it wasn't much, but you knew it would definitley come in handy!

Hyrule castle... It was really as beautiful as Colin's Father Rusl said it was... But a yellow, diamonde shape magic cascaded over it, ruining the very beauty of it.  

“What's going on?! I don't understand...”  

A digging sound was heard from just behind you until you heard snarling... You looked behind you and were horrified at what you saw!


There was a skeleton dog that had arisen from the ground. You drew your wooden sword and slashed at it, causing it to fall to pieces to the ground.  

You sighed in relief.  

“That wasn't too hard I guess...”  

Speaking to soon, a whole heard of the skeletal dogs arose from the ground, circling you.  

“Oh Sh-”


What was that?! Someone else was here, laughing at you!  

“Pathetic... A wooden impliment such as the thing you hold will get you nowhere!”  

A white haired man with off white skin walked towards your bewildered frame.  

“W-who are you?!”

“Someone that's going to save your life.”

With that said, the strange man clicked his fingers and the dogs dissapeared into diamondes. Your mouth fell agape earning a chuckle from the man.  

“I suppose you want to know what's happening?”  

You readied yourself into a stance holdng very firm onto your wooden sword.  

“Of course I do! Everyone apart from me and you have dissapeared!”  

“Ahaha! You really think you could defeat me with such a, dare I say it, weapon?..”  

You frowned as much as your face allowed at the man.  

“Go ahead, try it... I'll make you a deal, if you can get one hit on me with that piece of grabage, I will gladly tell you what's happening.”  

As soon as he finbished that sentence, you swung your sword at him, he dodged without even looking at you... You swung many times at him but didn't get a single hit on him! Instead he just mocked you.  

Yawning, he spoke up.  

“I'm getting very tired of this.”

He evaporated into thin air and ended up right behind you grabbing your arm and pulling it to your back. Without hesitation he pushed you to the ground.  

“Now, you weren't able to keep your end of the deal, but I'll tell you anyway.”

You widened your eyes.

“But first, I must tell you that my Master is kindly waiting for you in another dimension... He needs you...”  

“W-what could he possibly want with me?..”  

He sighed at your response.  

“Hasn't it occurred to you that you haven't been turned into a spirit? You're 'special'...”

He smirked as he said this.  

“I don't WANT to come with you! Whatever is going on here, I can tell it's not for the greater good, so let me GO!”

His calm expression turned into a nasty glare.  

“Look you little brat! You can either come by force or willingly! And let me tell you now, with a poxy wooden sword and shield, the latter would be the best option!”  

You grit your teeth as you looked up at his cocky face.

“Fine! Where is this other 'dimension'?!”  

“Good girl, that's what I like to hear.”  

He stood up, pulling her by her arm forcibly.  

“What's your name girl?”

“Why should I tell you?!”

“Look... I am being a gentleman about this, I can be a lot meaner!..”

He glared at her.  

“(F/N) (S/N)”  

“__... A simple name, but it rolls off the tongue... I am Ghirahim.”

The newly named man, Ghirahim waved his hand in a circular motion creating some sort of portal.  

“Ok, Now I do hope you have a strong stomach, this is going to be a bumpy ride for your first time... No puns intended!”
(Hyrule Warriors!) Ganondorf x Reader - Chapter 1
I haven't been on this account for a longgggggggggggggg time! I have been so busy with comics, work and preparing for uni that I have had no time! :( I hope you like this comeback... I have just been playing the new Hyrule Warriors on the 3DS so expect a lot of Zelda fanfiction! ;) ~ <3  

Part 2:…
Just to let everyone know... I am happy to take art requests and art trades! :) PM me if interested! :) ~ <3  

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“Ok Maxwell, get back in your cell.”

“Why are you telling me? I'm strapped to a chair like I'm a cannibal... I have no choice than to go in!.. Idiot...”

“Shut it Maxwell!”

The brute had no idea what he was saying half of time... Ugh, he was just a fat, meathead!

“From tomorrow, you'll have a new doctor... Thankfully...”

Max heard the uneducated doctor say something under his breath!

“Sorry doc, care to repeat that, I didn't quite hear you!..”

There was no reply in return. The doctor left shortly after he unlocked Max.  

“Off so soon?! I thought we could stay and chat over a cup of tea!”

Max's witty comment dripped with sarcasm as the reply was the door slamming.  

He sighed to himself, his room was far from entertaining, there was nothing to do! He took a seat at his desk and looked at the file he had which he'd secretly photocopied. It was kept under his folder so the doctors wouldn't see.

“Hm... Boring... Boring... Aha! This was definitley one of my best crimes to date! I'm not sure how I even got away with this!”

Max shouted to  himself as he stroked a circular, glass ball on his desk. Its colour varied from pink, blues and others... It was a very mysterious object. He had stolen it from Shallowgate's most famous museum called, 'Out of this world', which the name does justice as the objects literally were, out of this world! They had different things from planets such as Mars and Saturn... The general mediocre things... Though this ball was untraceable... It was just found, and with the elements not being of Earths region, it was put in that Museum.  

“Such a strange object you are... I wonder where you came from...”

Even though Max complained about this place so much, considering it was a psycho ward, he considered the fact that it kept him out of trouble with the drug dealing thugs and whores on the streets of Shallowgate, so  he stayed... Even though he could escape...  

He began rolling a spliff with the weed and tobacco he had smuggled into his cell and lit it as he read some of his research. Aside from his drug dealings and crimes which led to his psychopath demise, he was actually a very intelligent man with an extreme interest in myths and legends along with the paranormal... Anything strange really!  

“I wonder if I could find anything in my research about you!”

He had been in his cell for which felt like eternity, so through loneliness, he had made a habit of calling inanimate objects, 'you'...  

He was so deep in thought that he didn't even notice the knock at his door. So the person just let themselves in.  

“Ever heard of knocking?!”

Max said as he spun around on his chair taking off his glasses.  

“I did!”

The doctor from previously replied.  

“Well?! What is it?!”

“You have a visitor Maxwell...”

“Oh really? How delightful! Tell her to piss off!..”


“My Mother... I said my peace when I gave her a black eye last time!”  

The doctor sighed.  

“Mrs. Mclin... He wishes not to see you...”

“Oh really now?!”

The woman pushed passed the Doctor and let herself in. She smelt like fags and strong alcohol.

“You little shit! How could you not want to see your Mother?!”

She shouted as she stumbled across the room!  

“Oh, go and find another drunkered you clapped up old bag!”

Max shook his head... His Mother was extremely abusive, letting men beat him as a child along with her beatings aswell!  

“How dare you! You're the one that deals to prostitutes for sex!!!”

“At least they're ACTUALLY good looking!..”

Her eye began to twitch as she raised her hand at him! Max swiftly turned on his chair and grabbed her arm tightly. He was a good six foot tall so he towered over her height of five foot five.  

“Are you that desparate to have both your eyes match?!...”

Max's stare was cold... He looked like a real psychopath!..  

He dropped  her arm and she looked threatened.  

“Hmph! This isn't over young man!”

She bolted through the door quicker than she'd hoped to get her next fix.  

“Are you ok Maxwell?..”

The doctor looked reluctant as he asked... He was used to Max's unpredictable outbursts.  

Something caught Max's attention. There was a short, brown haired girl who couldn't be any taller than five foot shouting in the corridoor... Her attire was strange too... She had long white boots with a tight white dress with colours going down the front centre... Though his eyes kept being redirected to her rear, he did notice her face, and she was beautiful!  

“Oho! Who do we have here?!”

“Maxwell, you know I can't give information of other patients until they agree to it...”

“I know... Just pushing my luck as usual!..”

“Seriously! I'm not crazy! Let me go! What I'm saying is true!..”

Max was now intrigued. What was true? What had she done for her to get locked up in 'The mental correction centre'?  

“My dinner breaks are going to be so interesting!..”

Max's face was beaming with joy that he could barely contain a squeal! The doctor in return rolled his eyes, sighing deeply.

“Yes... Well, that's not for another four hours yet, so sit tight.”

The doctor left and Maxwell was still standing in the same position, thinking of all the things he wanted to ask her!..  

Dinner had come. The hours felt like days to Max and he was frantically searching for the mysterious girl from four hours previous.    

He spotted her in a blue jumpsuit not so far from him. She looked so lonely, he was sure she wouldn't mind if he changed that.  

Max watched her as she kept prodding her food. He had noticed she had mechanical things attached where her ears were... Now he didn't rule anything out! Was she an alien? A robot maybe?! Oh the suspense of him just wanting to make conversation was too much so he took in a deep breath and came out with it!..  

“Good afternoon...”

He spoke with a charming, suave voice that all the ladies swooned over.  


She replied in a harsh manner, catching him off guard! Well that wasn't part of the plan... No matter, he thought it was just her being shy around such a good looking man!..  

“I see you're new here! Nice to meet you. I'm Ma-”

She cut him off.  

“No! You don't understand! No one does! I don't belong here!”

He took the oppurtunity to ask as it was too good of one to miss.  

“Max... I'm Max... Do tell me, what happened my dear?..”

“What's the point in telling?! You won't believe me!”

“Try me...”

“You won't!”

He was losing his patience... He was an impatient man, and when he wanted something, he got it! But he was taking a different approach to the overly attractive girl.  

“I've heard some weird things in my time believe me! Heh!”

He said, his fake smile twitching.  

“Promise you won't laugh?..”

His face softened at how adorable her face was and he simply smiled at her.  

“Of course sweetheart...”  

“Ok, well...”  


She cut off mid sentence.  

“No no! I can't tell you here! We need somewhere more private!”

“Oho! I like where this is going...”

She gave him a disgusted glare.  

“Ugh! Look, do you know anywhere we can go?!”

“Oh, you've met the right person my dear.”

Max had ordered the girl to go to the toilet along with him. The cubicles were opposite from eachother even though they were male and female sparated, it was only by a thin wall.  

“Can you here me?”

“I can Max... I'm not talking to you like this though!”

No no I know!”

He peeped through a hole in the wall.  

“Oh my god you dirty Bastard!”

The girl cursed.

“I'm a man with needs, and I can see just about everything through this!”

She shook her head.  

“I can break a small part of the wall so you can get through.”

He knocked on it.  

“It's only plasterboard, so it chouldn't be too loud.”

She stepped back as Max got to work on the wall, it didn't take long...  

“There we go.”

Max grabbed the girls name and pulled her through the wall.  


“Now, I made a door in the furthest toilet and always lock it since I stole the key for it.”

He smiled to the girl proud and she snickered.  

“Y'know, you're kind of funny Max...”

“You think I'm funny?!”  

He laughed.  

“Trust me darling, if you saw my files, you wouldn't think so...”

“I'm sure I've seen worse Max...”

How accepting of her... She never even asked, never even cared... Before he could elaborate on his deep thoughts, he heard the guards muttering that they were about to enter, so he grabbed the girls arm and locked the toilet door! He sat down, lifting his legs, pulling her onto his lap and quickly pulling hers up too!  

Max put a hand over her mouth to stop her erratic breathing so they weren't found out.  

“Where have they gone?!”

“Look! There's a hole in the wall!”

“Never noticed that before...”

“To be fair, this place is such a shithole that you probably couldn't tell..”


The guards proceeded to leave.  

“We need to tell Doctor. Bartomeley right away!”

“Agreed! Mclin is way too dangerous to be kept out of his cell!”

The door closed and the two waited for a few moments before relaxing.  

The girl on Max's lap relaxed her legs, as did Max.  

“Phew... Haha! That was kinda thrilling!..”  

She said unsure of the situation.  

“Yes... You never gave me your name my dear... I'm not sure what to call you.”  

“Oh! Well... That's part of my story...”

Max, beign the gentleman he was, lifted her onto her feet.  

“Then lets talk outside...”

The two took their conversation outside in a small, desolate forest behind 'The mental correction centre'.  

They both sat together on a low tree branch.  

“Ok... First of all, I have no name... I had to make one up to the guards.”

“Oh? And why don't you have a name?..”

“Well, technically I do... But not a proper one... I am called, 'Brand 101'...”

“Are you some sort of none human being? I mean, I guess that would explain your ears that you are covering terribly with your hair...”

“Well, yes... I'm technically a robot. I have the capability of all human emotions, though I obviously can't bare children or anything obvous like that...”

“I see, so where are you from? I mean, Earth hasn't the capability of creating something- Excuse me, someONE, such as yourself...”  

“True. I'm from a place called Agartha, we watch over the human race and try to protect it as much as we can.”

He's was blown away. Agartha was the legendary civilization that was said to be in the centre of the Earth! The hollow earth theory!  

“You're kidding!”


“Wow... I mean, WOW! I... I don't know what to say! How do I know you aren't lying?..”

She sighed and flicked her wrist, turning her arm into a drill.  

“Believe me now?..”

His mouth was agape. This was amazing!  

“Oh yes!.. Yes I do...”

He scanned her up and down. He took her hand.  

“Can I?”


He felt her skin... Amazing, she felt just like a human!  

“You're the real deal! Though we have to give you a name...”

He placed a hand on his chin, thinking.  

“Murphy, you look like a Murphy!”

She smiled... She really liked the name.  

“I love it!”

“Maybe Murph for short! Now... do elaborate on the rest of your story... I'm dying to know!..”

“Right... Well, I was created by a man named, 'King Edraldor'... He is basically my Father. I was created to keep our land safe from the Dwellers...”

“What are Dwellers?”

“They are the beings that live in, what you would call, the south pole area, so beneath us.”

“But the Earth spins... So wouldn't you basically be underneath at some points too?..”

“Nope. We don't move. We have a central sun that casts light over us all.”

“So it's hard to sleep?”

“We're adapted to it...”

“Ah... Then, why are you on Earth?..”

“Well, basically, I had been sent to the outside so that a man named Zeus couldn't get me.”


“He has a son named Apollo... Destined to reign over the kingdom of the Dwellers... He wants Apollo to marry me so that he has a child born from both Agarthians and Dwellers.”

“Aren't they Agarthians?”

“Technically, but they don't act like it.”

“Didn't you say you couldn't have children?”

“Now that's the tricky part... Nobody other than me and people close to the king no of my none Agarthian nature...”

“So why doesn't he just tell Zeus you can't have kids?..”

“It's not that simple. If he were to do that, well, there's no knowing what he'd do.”

Max nodded. He figured the man must have had very high authority to Edraldor at one point.  

“So, you've been sent here to get away from that I presume?”

“Correct, but my Father is being blackmailed into the engagement, and it's only so long before I'll have to marry Apollo...”

Murphy gripped Max's hand.  

“Hey... It's ok...”

He placed a hand on her shoulder for support.  

“Though I have another reason I am here.”

“And what's that?”

“I'm basically looking for a circular object that changes different colours... It's a precious object and, given to the wrong person, it can  be destructive!..”

Max took a big, dry swallow... That sounded like the one he stole that resides on his desk.  

“And, why's that?”

He said as he tugged on his collar to let some air in his clothes.  

“It's grants the beholder a wish of anything they want, but it only works when taken to the wishing well of Agartha, and Zeus is searching for it!..”

“Oho... Nice!..”

Now he was excited.  

“I do belive I've seen something of that description before my dear...”

He saw hers eyes widen quickly!  

“Really?! Where?!”

“Why, right up in my room!”

He figured this could be a good chance of using her to get what he wanted... He never knew of it's power, but he knew if it did have one, he wouldn't have thought it to be this extreme!..  

Max returned to his room, grabbed his important essentials and left, meeting Murphy back in the spot they had been talking.  

“By any chance sweetheart, does this fit your description?..”

He smiled eagerly at her answer.  

“Y-yes! Yes that's it!”

She went to grab it but he pulled it high enough so that she couldn't reach it.  

“W-what are you doing?!”

“Ah ah ah! Now, I promise you that I'll give this back to you, once you do everything I say and once you've take me to your home... I'm really interested.”

“You're blackmailing me?!”

“I believe that's what you call it in English, yes.”

He smirked at her face... It was priceless!..  

“Hmph, fine!”

“You better not go back on your word, I don't take kindly to liars.”

Murphy was a little worried now... Maybe she should have taken a look at his psycho file.  
Commisions are open guys! Plus, could you take the time to watch this video I made of Hashirama and Madara? :) I will also do AMV commissions too! Just comment or note me! :)…

~ Ciao ~

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